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It’s getting cold outside?

So you’ve found yourself outside your home or car in the cold because your door lock is frozen and it isn’t allowing you to use your key?

During the cold winter months, its common to find that the lock on your door on your home or car has frozen solid, this can be really frustrating. But it is important to not try and force your key into the lock as this could break your key easily, and this only leads to more problems and frustration.

How to unfreeze your door lock or car lock!

Unfreezing a door lock can be quite simple and things that you can use to defrost it are often readily available to you either on your person or in the garage or car!

  • Hand Sanitizer – This contains alcohol that will melt the ice. If you spray the sanitiser on both the lock and key, then gently move the key in and out of the lock to defrost it.
  • Lighter – You can use a pocket lighter to warm the key carefully then place it in and out of the lock until it thaws, and you can then gain entry. Cation if you are trying this method after using the alcohol hand sanitiser as this could combust and set your key alight.
  • De-icer – If you drive then you will likely have a can of de-icer in the car during the winter months. Spray the de-icer on the lock and key wait a short while and then carefully move the key in and out of the lock until you can gain entry
  • Hair dryer – if your neighbour is home and they have a hairdryer and an extension cable handy then you can use this to heat the lock and thaw it out to gain access.
  • Your Hands or breath – you can warm your key with your hands or breath, use your thumb to warm the lock for a while or breath on the lock then it may thaw the lock enough for you to gain entry.
  • Petroleum Jelly – Yes, that same little tub of petroleum jelly you use as lip balm can help you unlock your car door. Dip your key into the petroleum jelly, put it into the lock and see if you can move or turn the key sufficiently to spread some of the jelly in the interior of the lock. Don’t attempt to force the key to turn – it could break if you do! You may have to repeat the process a few times waiting a few minutes between each attempt. The petroleum jelly will melt the ice inside the lock.
  • Locksmith – If you have tried these methods and had no luck you should give locksmith services Leeds a call as there may be more to it than just a frozen lock.

If you are having problems with your door lock or have broken your key as a result of a frozen lock, then contact Locksmith Services Leeds on 0113 347 0557 or mobile on 07 53 53 53 999 Now!

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